Electrical Engineering Tuition

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Electrical Engineering Tuition

Join the best electrical engineering tuition class. Academy of Engineers provides best tutorial services for national and foreign university. Electrical Engineering tuition classes are available in Online as well as offline mode. We cover syllabus of all university. Electrical Engineering is the common subject in the 1st Year. Contact us for the best Online Electrical Engineering Tutor.

Main Features

  • Common For All B.Tech Students 1st year
  • Basics of class 11th & 12th are required
  • Classes are available in group as well as One-To-One
  • Highly Experienced faculties from colleges and corporates
  • Individual attention with free test series and doubt session
  • 100% Passing Results 
  • Timing is flexible and adjustable
  • Classes are available in online as well as offline mode

What is the target audience?

  • DC Circuits : Electrical circuit elements (R, L and C), Concept of active
    and passive elements, voltage and current sources, concept of linearity and
    linear network, unilateral and bilateral elements, Kirchhoff‟s laws, Loop
    and nodal methods of analysis, Star-delta transformation, Superposition
    theorem, Thevenin theorem, Norton theorem.
  • Steady- State Analysis of Single Phase AC Circuits: Representation of
    Sinusoidal waveforms – Average and effective values, Form and peak
    factors, Concept of phasors, phasor representation of sinusoidal varying
    voltage and current.
    Analysis of single phase AC Circuits consisting of R, L, C, RL, RC, RLC
    combinations (Series and Parallel), Apparent, active & reactive power,
    Power factor, power factor improvement. Concept of Resonance in series &
    parallel circuits, bandwidth and quality factor. Three phase balanced circuits,
    voltage and current relations in star and delta connections.
  • Transformers: Magnetic materials, BH characteristics, ideal and practical
    transformer, equivalent circuit, losses in transformers, regulation and
    efficiency. Auto-transformer and three-phase transformer connections.
  • Electrical machines: DC machines: Principle & Construction, Types,
    EMF equation of generator and torque equation of motor, applications of
    DC motors (simple numerical problems)
    Three Phase Induction Motor: Principle & Construction, Types, Sliptorque characteristics, Applications (Numerical problems related to slip only)
    Single Phase Induction motor: Principle of operation and introduction to
    methods of starting, applications.
    Three Phase Synchronous Machines: Principle of operation of alternator
    and synchronous motor and their applications.
  • Electrical Installations: Components of LT Switchgear: Switch Fuse Unit
    (SFU), MCB, ELCB, MCCB, Types of Wires and Cables, Importance of
    earthing. Types of Batteries, Important characteristics for Batteries.
    Elementary calculations for energy consumption and savings, battery


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