Advanced Engineering Mathematics Tuition

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Join the best engineering mathematics-2 tuition class. Academy of Engineers provides best tutorial services for national and foreign university. Engineering Mathematics-2 tuition classes are available in Online as well as offline mode. We cover syllabus of all university. Engineering Mathematics-2 is the common subject in the 1st Year. Contact us for the best Online Math Tutor.


The objective of this course is to familiarize the prospective engineers with techniques in
sequences, multivariate integration, ordinary and partial differential equations and complex
variables. It aims to equip the students to deal with advanced level of mathematics and
applications that would be essential for their disciplines.

The students will learn:
• The effective mathematical tools for the solutions of differential equations that model
physical processes
• To apply integral calculus in various field of engineering. Apart from some other
applications students will have a basic understanding of Beta and Gamma functions.
• The tool of Fourier series for learning advanced Engineering Mathematics.
• The tools of differentiation of functions of complex variables that are used in various
techniques dealing with engineering problems.
• The tools of integration of functions of complex variables that are used in various
techniques dealing with engineering problems.

Main Features


  • Common For All B.Tech Students 1st year
  • Basics of class 11th & 12th are required
  • Classes are available in group as well as One-To-One
  • Highly Experienced faculties from colleges and corporates
  • Individual attention with free test series and doubt session
  • 100% Passing Results 
  • Timing is flexible and adjustable
  • Classes are available in online as well as offline mode

Engineering Mathematics-2 Syllabus

Engineering Mathematics-2 Syllabus may vary according to university. In some university Engineering Mathematics is also called Advanced Engineering Mathematics Or Applied Mathematics

  • Ordinary Differential Equation of Higher Order: Linear differential
    equation of nth order with constant coefficients, Simultaneous linear
    differential equations, Second order linear differential equations with variable
    coefficients, Solution by changing independent variable, Reduction of order,
    Normal form, Method of variation of parameters, Cauchy-Euler equation.
  • Multivariable Calculus-II: Introduction of Improper integrals, Beta & Gama
    function and their properties, Dirichlet’s integral and its applications,
    Application of definite integrals to evaluate surface areas and volume of
  • Sequences and Series: Definition of Sequence and series with examples,
    Convergence of sequence and series, Tests for convergence of series, (Ratio
    test, D’ Alembert’s test, Raabe’s test). Fourier series, Half range Fourier sine
    and cosine series.
  • Complex Variable–Differentiation: Limit, Continuity and differentiability,
    Functions of complex variable, Analytic functions, Cauchy- Riemann
    equations (Cartesian and Polar form), Harmonic function, Method to find
    Analytic functions, Conformal mapping, Mobius transformation and their
  • Complex Variable –Integration: Complex integrals, Contour integrals,
    Cauchy- Integral theorem, Cauchy integral formula, Taylor’s and Laurent’s
    series (without proof), Singularities, Classification of Singularities, zeros of
    analytic functions, Residues, Methods of finding residues, Cauchy Residue
    theorem, Evaluation of real integrals of the types
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