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Integrated Circuits Tuition Class

Join The Best Integrated Circuits Tuition Class. Academy Of Engineers Provides Best Tutorial Services For National And Foreign University. Integrated Circuits Tuition Classes Are Available In Online As Well As Offline Mode. We Cover Syllabus Of All University. Integrated Circuits Is The Common Subject In The 1st Year. Contact Us For The Best Online Integrated Circuits Tutor.

Course Outcomes: At the end of this course students will demonstrate the ability to:

1. Explain complete internal analysis of Op-Amp 741-IC.

2. Examine and design Op-Amp based circuits and basic components of ICs such as various types of filter.

3. Implement the concept of Op-Amp to design Op-Amp based non-linear applications and wave-shaping circuits.

4. Analyse and design basic digital IC circuits using CMOS technology.

5. Describe the functioning of application specific ICs such as 555 timer ,VCO IC 566 and PLL.


Main Features

  • Common For All B.Tech Students 1st year
  • Basics of class 11th & 12th are required
  • Classes are available in group as well as One-To-One
  • Highly Experienced faculties from colleges and corporates
  • Individual attention with free test series and doubt session
  • 100% Passing Results 
  • Timing is flexible and adjustable
  • Classes are available in online as well as offline mode

Integrated Circuits Syllabus


  • The 741 IC Op-Amp: General operational amplifier stages (bias circuit, the input
    stage, the second stage, the output stage, short circuit protection circuitry), device
    parameters, DC and AC analysis of input stage, second stage and output stage, gain,
    frequency response of 741, a simplified model, slew rate, relationship between ft and
    slew rate.
  • Linear Applications of IC Op-Amps: Op-Amp based V-I and I-V converters,
    instrumentation amplifier, generalized impedance converter, simulation of inductors.
    Active Analog filters: Sallen Key second order filter, Designing of second order low
    pass and high pass Butterworth filter, Introduction to band pass and band stop filter,
    all pass active filters, KHN Filters. Introduction to design of higher order filters.
  • Frequency Compensation & Nonlinearity: Frequency Compensation, Compensation
    of two stage Op-Amps, Slewing in two stage Op-Amp. Nonlinearity of Differential
    Circuits, Effect of Negative feedback on Nonlinearity.
    Non-Linear Applications of IC Op-Amps: Basic Log–Anti Log amplifiers using
    diode and BJT, temperature compensated Log-Anti Log amplifiers using diode, peak
    detectors, sample and hold circuits. Op-amp as a comparator and zero crossing
    detector, astable multivibrator & monostable multivibrator. Generation of triangular
    waveforms, analog multipliers and their applications.
  • Digital Integrated Circuit Design: An overview, CMOS logic gate circuits basic
    structure, CMOS realization of inverters, AND, OR, NAND and NOR gates.
    Latches and Flip flops: the latch, CMOS implementation of SR flip-flops, a simpler
    CMOS implementation of the clocked SR flip-flop, CMOS implementation of J-K flipflops, D flip- flop circuits.
  • Integrated Circuit Timer: Timer IC 555 pin and functional block diagram,
    Monostable and Astable multivibrator using the 555 IC.
    Voltage Controlled Oscillator: VCO IC 566 pin and functional block diagram and
    Phase Locked Loop (PLL): Basic principle of PLL, block diagram, working, Ex-OR
    gates and multipliers as phase detectors, applications of PLL.
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