Engineering Physics Tuition

Engineering Physics Tuition

Join the best engineering physics tuition class. Academy of Engineers provides best tutorial services for national and foreign university. Engineering Physics tuition classes are available in Online as well as offline mode. We cover syllabus of all university. Engineering physics is the common subject in the 1st Year. Contact us for the best Online Physics Tutor.

Course Outcomes: At the end of this course students will demonstrate the ability to: 

 1. To solve the classical and wave mechanics problems 

2. To develop the understanding of laws of thermodynamics and their application in various processes 

 3. To formulate and solve the engineering problems on Electromagnetism & Electromagnetic Field

 4. To aware of limits of classical physics & to apply the ideas in solving the problems in their parent

  • Common For All B.Tech Students 1st year
  • Basics of class 11th & 12th are required
  • Classes are available in group as well as One-To-One
  • Highly Experienced faculties from colleges and corporates
  • Individual attention with free test series and doubt session
  • 100% Passing Results 
  • Timing is flexible and adjustable
  • Classes are available in online as well as offline mode

Detail Syllabus Of Engineering Physics

  • Relativistic Mechanics: Frame of reference, Inertial & non-inertial frames,
    Galilean transformations, Michelson- Morley experiment, Postulates of
    special theory of relativity, Lorentz transformations, Length contraction,
    Time dilation, Velocity addition theorem, Variation of mass with velocity,
    Einstein‟s mass energy relation, Relativistic relation between energy and
    momentum, Massless particle.
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory: Continuity equation for current density,
    Displacement current, Modifying equation for the curl of magnetic field to
    satisfy continuity equation, Maxwell‟s equations in vacuum and in non
    conducting medium, Energy in an electromagnetic field, Poynting vector and
    Poynting theorem, Plane electromagnetic waves in vacuum and their transverse
    nature. Relation between electric and magnetic fields of an electromagnetic
    wave, Energy and momentum carried by electromagnetic waves, Resultant
    pressure, Skin depth.
  • Quantum Mechanics: Black body radiation, Stefan‟s law, Wien‟s law,
    Rayleigh-Jeans law and Planck‟s law, Wave particle duality, Matter
    waves, Time-dependent and time-independent Schrodinger wave equation,
    Born interpretation of wave function, Solution to stationary state
    Schrodinger wave equation for one-Dimensional particle in a box, Compton
  • Wave Optics: Coherent sources, Interference in uniform and wedge
    shaped thin films, Necessity of extended sources, Newton’s Rings and
    its applications. Fraunhoffer diffraction at single slit and at double slit,
    absent spectra, Diffraction grating, Spectra with grating, Dispersive
    power, Resolving power of grating, Rayleigh‟s criterion of resolution,
    Resolving power of grating.
  • Fibre Optics & Laser: Optics: Introduction to fibre optics,
    Acceptance angle, Numerical aperture, Normalized frequency,
    Classification of fibre, Attenuation and Dispersion in optical fibres. Laser:
    Absorption of radiation, Spontaneous and stimulated emission of
    radiation, Einstein‟s coefficients, Population inversion, Various levels of
    Laser, Ruby Laser, He-Ne Laser, Laser applications.
Course duration is 20 hours but it may vary as per university syllabus
We have faculties from colleges and universities to teach this subject.

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