Programming For Problem Solving Tutors In Noida

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Programming For Problem Solving Tutors In Noida

Join The Academy Of Engineers Located In Sector 51 Noida. Academy Of Engineers Provide Best Tutorial And Assignment Help To The Students Of M.Tech, B.Tech, Engg Diploma. Expert Tutors Is Available For Electronic Engineering.

Introduction To Programming: Introduction To Components Of A Computer System

Memory, Processor, I/O Devices, Storage, Operating System, Concept Of Assembler, Compiler, Interpreter, Loader And Linker.

Idea Of Algorithm

Representation Of Algorithm, Flowchart, Pseudo Code With Examples, From Algorithms To Programs, Source Code.

Programming Basics

Structure Of C Program: Writing And Executing The First C Program, Syntax And Logical Errors In Compilation, Object And Executable Code. Components Of C Language: Standard I/O In C, Fundamental Data Types, Variables And Memory Locations, Storage Classes.

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Arithmetic Expressions & Conditional Branching Arithmetic Expressions And Precedence

Operators And Expression Using Numeric And Relational Operators, Mixed Operands, Type Conversion, Logical Operators, Bit Operations, Assignment Operator, Operator Precedence And Associatively.

Conditional Branching

Applying If And Switch Statements, Nesting If And Else, Use Of Break And Default With Switch.

Loops & Functions: Iteration And Loops

Use Of While, Do While And For Loops, Multiple Loop Variables, Use Of Break And Continue Statements.


Introduction, Types Of Functions, Functions With Array, Passing Parameters To Functions, Call By Value, Call By Reference, Recursive Functions.

Arrays & Basic Algorithms Arrays

Array Notation And Representation, Manipulating Array Elements, Using Multi Dimensional Arrays. Character Arrays And Strings, Structure, Union, Enumerated Data Types, Array Of Structures, Passing Arrays To Functions.

Basic Algorithms

Searching &Basic Sorting Algorithms (Bubble, Insertion And Selection), Finding Roots Of Equations, Notion Of Order Of Complexity.

Pointer& File Handling

Introduction, Declaration, Applications, Introduction To Dynamic Memory Allocation (Malloc, Calloc, Realloc, Free), Use Of Pointers In Self Referential Structures, Notion Of Linked List (No Implementation)

File Handling

File I/O Functions, Standard C Preprocessors, Defining And Calling Macros, Command-Line Arguments.


Conditionalimposing or depending on or containing a conditionMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

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