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Geotechnical Engineering Tuition Tutor

Join The Academy Of Engineers Located In Sector 51 Noida. Academy Of Engineers Provide Best Tutorial And Assignment Help To The Students Of M.Tech, B.Tech, Engg Diploma. Expert Tutors Is Available For Civil Engineering Subjects Like SOM, Fluid Mecahanics, RCC, Structure Analysis, Soil Mechanics, Estimation Costing e.t.c. Hence, Hire The Best Civil Engineering Tuition Class.

Origin and classification Of Geotechnical Engineering

Preview Of Geotechnical Field Problems In Civil Engineering, Soil Formation, Transport And Deposit, Soil Composition, Basic Definitions, Weight Volume Relationships, Clay Minerals, Soil Structure, Index Properties, Sensitivity And Thixotropy, Particle Size Analysis, Unified And Indian Standard Soil Classification System. Hence, Join The Top Civil Engineering Tuition Class.

Soil Hydraulics Tuition Class Of Civil Engineering

Stress Conditions In Soil- Total, Effective And Neutral Stresses And Relationships. Permeability – Darcy’s Law, Hydraulic Conductivity, Equivalent Hydraulic Conductivity In Stratified Soil. Seepage, Flow Nets, Seepage Calculation From A Flow Net, Flow Nets In Anisotropic Soils, Seepage Through Earth Dam, Capillarity, Critical Hydraulic Gradient And Quick Sand Condition, Uplift Pressure, Piping. Hence, Join Best Tutor Of Civil Engineering Subjects

Soil Compaction, Water Content – Dry Unit Weight Relationships. Factors Controlling Compaction. Field Compaction Equipment; Field Compaction Control; Proctor Needle Method. Consolidation: Primary And Secondary Consolidation, Terzaghi’s One Dimensional Theory Of Consolidation, Consolidation Test, Normal And Over Consolidated Soils, Over Consolidation Ratio, Determination Of Coefficient Of Consolidation. Hence, Get The Assignment Help In Civil Engineering Subjects.

Stress Distribution In Soil Tuition Class

Elastic Constants Of Soils And Their Determination, Boussinesq Equation For Vertical Stress, The Westergaard Equation, Stress Distribution Under Loaded Areas, Concept Of Pressure Bulb, Contact Pressure. Shear Strength: Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion, Shear Strength Parameters And Determination; Direct And Tri-Axial Shear Test; Unconfined Compression Test; Pore Pressure, Skempton’s Pore Pressure Coefficients, And Soil Liquefaction.  Hence, Get The Complete Tutorial Of B.Tech Civil Engineering.

Earth Pressure Tuition Class

Classical Theories, Coulomb And Rankine’s Approaches For Frictional And C- Soils, Inclined Backfill, Graphical Methods Of Earth Pressure Determination. Stability Of Slopes – Finite And Infinite Slopes, Types Of Slope Failure, Culmann’s Method & Method Of Slices, Stability Number & Chart, Bishop’s Method. Hence, Join Subjects Tuition Of Civil Engineering.

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