Fundamental Of Mechanical Engineering And Mechatronics Tuition In Noida

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Fundamental Of Mechanical Engineering And Mechatronics Tuition In Noida

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Introduction to Mechanics of Solid Tuition

Normal and shear Stress, strain, Hookes’ law, Poisson’s ratio, elastic constants and their relationship, stress-strain diagram for ductile and brittle materials, factor of safety. Basic Numerical problems.

Types of beams under various loads, Statically Determinate Beams, Shear force and bending moment in beams, Shear force and bending moment diagrams, Relationships between load, shear and bending moment. Basic Numerical problems.


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Introduction to IC Engines and RAC Tuition

IC Engine: Basic Components, Construction and Working of Two stroke and four stroke SI & CI engine, merits and demerits, scavenging process; Introduction to electric, and hybrid electric vehicles.

Refrigeration: Its meaning and application, unit of refrigeration; Coefficient of performance, methods of refrigeration, construction and working of domestic refrigerator, concept of heat pump. Formula based numerical problems on cooling load.

Air-Conditioning: Its meaning and application, humidity, dry bulb, wet bulb, and dew point temperatures, comfort conditions, construction and working of window air conditioner.


Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Applications Tuition

Introduction: Introduction: Fluids properties, pressure, density, dynamic and kinematic viscosity, specific gravity, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluid, Pascal’s Law, Continuity Equation, Bernaulli’s Equation and its applications, Basic Numerical problems. Working principles of hydraulic turbines & pumps and their classifications, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic lift and their applications.

Measurements and Control System: Concept of Measurement, Error in measurements, Calibration, measurements of pressure, temperature, mass flow rate, strain, force and torques; Concept of accuracy, precision and resolution, Basic Numerical problems.

System of Geometric Limit, Fit, Tolerance and gauges, Basic Numerical problems.

Control System Concepts: Introduction to Control Systems, Elements of control system, Basic of open and closed loop control with example.


Introduction to Mechatronics: Evolution, Scope, Advantages and disadvantages of Mechatronics, Industrial applications of Mechatronics, Introduction to autotronics, bionics, and avionics and their applications. Sensors and Transducers: Types of sensors, types of transducers and their characteristics.

Overview of Mechanical Actuation System – Kinematic Chains, Cam, Train Ratchet Mechanism, Gears and its type, Belt, Bearing.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuation Systems: Overview: Pressure Control Valves, Cylinders, Direction Control Valves, Rotary Actuators, Accumulators, Amplifiers, and Pneumatic Sequencing Problems.



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