Engineering Materials And Metallurgy Tuition In Delhi

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Engineering Materials And Metallurgy Tuition In Delhi

The Main Objective Is To understand how and why the properties of materials are controlled by structure and bonding at the atomic-scale, and by features at the microstructural and macroscopic levels. Also, To understand the design, selection and processing of materials for a wide range of applications in engineering and elsewhere And To understand how and why the structure and composition of a material may be controlled by processing. Join The Best Engineering Materials And Metallurgy Tuition In Delhi. Academy Of Engineers Noida Is Top Most Coaching Institute For B.Tech Back Paper Subjects In Delhi NCR. Get Help In Mechanical Engineering Back Paper Tuition Class. It Is Widely Known That Only 7% Engineering Graduates Are Employable Rest Of 93% Are Not Fit For Employable. There Are Many Factors For This. Among All The Factors Most Important Is The Way Of Learning And Teaching. Another Most Important Factor Is Lack Of Support From Professors.

Important Topics Of Engineering Materials And Metallurgy

Structure of metal: Crystal structure, miller indices for cubic and HCP crystals. Crystal imperfections and their effect on Mechanical properties of the material. Plastic deformation of single and Poly crystalline materials.

Materials: Plain Carbon steels, effect of alloying elements, properties and uses, tool steels, stainless, wear resisting steels. Composition, properties, and use of non-ferrous alloys e.g. Aluminum, Copper and Zinc alloys. Corrosion: Types of corrosion, Galvanic cell, rusting of Iron, Methods of protection from corrosion.

Engineering Materials And Metallurgy Tuition Class In Noida

Solidification: Phases in metal system, lever rule, solidification of metal and alloys, solid solution, eutectic, eutectoid and inter-metallic compounds, Iron carbon equilibrium diagram, TTT-diagram.

Heat Treatment: Heat treatment of Ferrous and Nonferrous materials, case hardening. Strengthening mechanisms

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