Difference between Drawing and Extrusion process

Drawing and Extrusion

What is the difference between Drawing and Extrusion process ?

Drawing :

Drawing and Extrusion

This operation involve the forcing of metal through a die by means of a tensile force applied to the exit side of the die. Most of the plastic flow is caused by the compressive force which arises from the reaction of the metal with the die.

Rod and tubes are often given a cold drawing operation to reduce size, increase strength, improve finish and provide better accuracy. In general, the preparatory step in cold drawing of bars, tubes is that of removing all traces of scale. This is best done by immersing them in a bath of of dilute Sulphuric acid and then washing in fresh water.

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Extrusion :

Drawing and Extrusion

The process of extrusion consists of compressing a metal inside a chamber to force it out through a small opening called die.

The extrusion process can be divided in –

  • Direct or forward extrusion
  • Indirect or backward extrusion

In direct extrusion a heated round billet is placed into the die chamber and the dummy block and ram placed into position. The metal is extruded through the die opening until only a small amount remains. It is then sawed off next to the die and the butt end is removed.

Most presses used conventional extruding of metals are a horizontal type that is hydraulically operated. Operating speed, depending on temperature and material, vary from a few feet a minute upto 4 – 6 m/s.

The advantage of extrusion include the ability to produce a variety of shapes of high strength, good accuracy and good surface finish at high production speeds with a relative low die cost.

That is the detail process and difference between Drawing and Extrusion..

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